Running and Walking | 5 Amazing and Incredible Benefits

Have you ever come across the running and walking method? It involves a clever alternation between running and walking during your workout. This popular technique offers a gentle entry into running for beginners or provides a less intense workout option for seasoned runners. Contrary to a common misconception, using walk-run intervals isn’t solely reserved for novices; it can benefit runners of all levels, from beginners to the more advanced athletes.

In this article, I will delve into the concept of run-walk intervals and provide a guide on how to incorporate them into your routine. Additionally, I’ll highlight some of the advantages of adopting this type of training. So, whether you’re new to running or an experienced enthusiast, I encourage you to give walk-run intervals a shot—prepare to be pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness!

What does it mean to use the running and walking method?

What does it mean to use the running and walking method?

The running and walking method involves alternating between walking and running for a set distance, making it effective for cardiovascular fitness and interval training without overwhelming demands. This technique includes running for a specific time, taking planned walk breaks, and repeating throughout the distance.

Its purpose is to reduce stress on the body and mind, especially as running is high-impact. While often associated with beginners, even experienced runners can benefit. By incorporating intervals, like short sprints, you can increase respiration and heart rate, boosting endurance and fitness.

Numerous studies have proven interval-style training’s effectiveness for overall gains. Regardless of fitness level, the run-walk method offers benefits such as improved endurance, faster running, and reduced joint stress, lowering the risk of injury.

What are the benefits of alternating between running and walking?

The running and walking method offers numerous benefits regardless of your fitness level. Incorporating run/walk intervals improves endurance, increases running speed, and enhances comfort during longer runs. By including walking segments, you reduce stress on joints, resulting in a decreased risk of injury. These walk breaks are especially beneficial for individuals who tend to push themselves too hard, providing a much-needed respite from the high-intensity training of continuous running. Embracing the run-walk approach can effectively boost your overall fitness and well-being.

Running and Walking Intervals for Beginner Runners

New runners can greatly benefit from incorporating running and walking intervals to ease into running. Starting slowly, walk more than you run initially, gradually increasing the running time and reducing walking time. This method helps minimize post-run fatigue and muscle stress by alternating between walking and running, promoting better muscle recovery and extending running distance.

Running and Walking Intervals for Beginner Runners


The running and walking technique suits all ages and fitness levels, providing the benefits of steady-state running without excessive physical stress. It’s particularly helpful for those unable to perform high-intensity exercises or weightlifting. Customizable to individual needs and goals, the running and walking method offers a practical and effective way to improve cardiovascular health and overall well-being, regardless of age or fitness level.

Walk/Run Intervals for Returning Runners

The walk/run method is highly beneficial for individuals returning to running after a long break, such as post-pregnancy or recovering from an injury. These walk/run intervals offer a gentle re-entry into running after a period of time off. When I took a break during my pregnancy, I successfully used walk/run intervals to ease back into running.

To get started with the walk-run method, determine your baseline using the “Magic Mile,” a workout to identify your ideal paces and work-to-rest ratio for intervals. However, you can enjoy the benefits of walking and running without necessarily performing the “Magic Mile.” Simply work at your own pace, adjusting the intervals according to your fitness goals and preferences.

Running and Walking Intervals for Experienced Runners

Experienced runners can greatly benefit from the Running and Walking method as a training technique. Even as a veteran runner, incorporating one-minute walk breaks can enhance endurance.

Running and Walking Intervals for Experienced Runners

Running is high-impact, but adding regular walk segments can minimize its damaging effects. For long-distance runners, utilizing running and walking intervals reduces joint impact and muscle damage during extended runs. Additionally, running intervals help regulate heart rate, making them valuable for high-intensity interval training and speed training.

Alternating between running and walking is an excellent approach to improving overall health and achieving specific running goals.


The running and walking method offers significant advantages for individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners, seasoned runners, and those returning after a break. It serves as an effective way to ease into running, improve endurance, and boost cardiovascular fitness while reducing the risk of injuries and post-run fatigue. Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to enhance your running performance, incorporating walk-run intervals can be tailored to your specific goals and preferences.

Experienced runners, in particular, can benefit from this technique by adding occasional walk breaks to their routine, helping to build endurance and reduce the impact on joints. Additionally, alternating between running and walking can be a valuable component of high-intensity interval training for speed training.

With its flexibility and adaptability, the running and walking method proves to be an excellent training technique to achieve overall health improvements and specific fitness milestones.

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