Total Body Evolution: Planet Fitness Enhancement Experience

The Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness red light therapy sales space, known as the Beauty Angel, is an effective rejuvenation machine. With long sparkling tubes and a sales space-fashion format, it looks extraordinarily much like a tanning booth before everything glance.

But instead of UV tanning bulbs, it uses infrared light combined with a vibrating plate. This machine is rejuvenation magic! The pink light remedy energizes the body and restores the skin, at the same time as the vibrating plates soothe sore muscle mass and resources in recovery.

It’s a powerful mixture, designed to make your experience exceptional and look gorgeous. It needs to simply be part of your exercise!

What does Total Body Enhancement do?

What does Total Body Enhancement do

The Total Body Enhancement treatment can be used to improve skin tone and texture. How? By helping to reverse and control the visible signs of aging – decreasing wrinkles and firming the skin through red light therapy. The vibration pad is also used to improve skin tone, stimulate muscle motion or activity, and increase circulation.

How to Use a Total Body Enhancement Machine?

A consultation in the Beauty Angel general frame Enhancement booth is an exquisite addition to your health ordinary, before or after your workout.

This system offers low-effect muscle firming. It’s wonderful to apply earlier than your sweat consultation to warm up the muscle tissues and decorate microcirculation. And if you’re feeling the one’s muscle groups grumble after the fitness center, the total body Enhancement works to lessen pain and relieve tightness in the joints.

If you’re quick on time or aren’t inside the temper to transport, the beauty Angel sales space can be used independently of workout as a stand-on for my own consultation. It will assist you to build middle energy and muscle tone, and loosening up.

How to Use a Total Body Enhancement Machine?

The use of the gadget is easy. So clean, it’s a very self-carrier sales space where you place the controls yourself. Right here’s a step-with the aid of-step guide:

  1. Press the start button at the far off.
  2. Prompt the vibrating footpad by urgent the white button on the left facet of the far-off. Press the button twice. The foot icon on the top left of the far-off will mild up as soon as set.
  3. Now it’s time to set your vibration depth, selecting from 4 specific packages.
  4. After choosing your vibration putting, permit the LED screen to clean.
  5. Subsequently, switch on the fan. Contact the white button on the right side of the far-off twice till the fan light comes on. You may alter the fan to a velocity that fits you. Push the dial all manner as much as eleven to maintain your cool whilst relaxing inside the total body Enhancement device

What Side Effects Can Total Body Enhancement

As with any product associated with recreation, the beauty Angel additionally has some caveats and boundaries.

  1. This device is best to be had by Planet Fitness Black Card Club Holders. It prices $19.99 a month and consists of getting entry to all seven-hundred golf equipment in the Planet fitness chain and the use of rubdown chairs, Hydro-rub down beds, tanning, and many others.
  2. The usage of the total body Enhancement has a weight restriction of three hundred lbs. three. The device isn’t appropriate for pregnant women, those under medication, or people with pacemakers, and now not for those who had the latest surgery.

What Side Effects Can Total Body Enhancement

The usage of crimson mild is normally safe. But, there can be minimum side consequences. To make certain that that is only a side impact and no longer an extreme hassle, have a look at the following list, which includes:

  • Headache
  • Tension in the eyes

These aspects effects can occur because of purple light, as a few people might also have an intolerance. Consequently, for your protection, whilst using the Beauty Angel tool, you need to put on protective goggles that are much like those utilized in tanning salons.

Also, the time allotted for the consultation ought to be mediated to keep away from overheating and burns. On the grounds that infrared light is thermal, it is able to motivate burns, but it isn’t always the same burn as you get from UV in tanning beds.

Total Body Enhancement Pros and Cons

Right here are a few pros and cons of the total body enhancement


  • Brief therapy consultation (12 minutes)
  • Works the muscles in the arms, legs, glutes, and abdomen
  • Improves complexion
  • Makes skin greater elastic
  • Smoothest skin
  • Quickens metabolism
  • Improves blood circulate
  • Enables relieve stress


  • Most effective to be had For Black Card club Holders
  • Weight limit of three hundred lbs.
  • Not for pregnant women, the ones under remedy, or people with pacemakers
  • Not for individuals who had a current surgical procedure


It would be exceptional to apply total body Enhancement at planet fitness often and continuously to achieve long-time period benefits and reap the desired effects. Do now not be discouraged if you do not be aware of anything after a single use. As you still use the unit over the years, you may see sluggish adjustments in exceptional methods.

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