Can You Wear a Bra to Planet Fitness?

When visiting Planet Fitness, you may wonder what to wear to feel comfortable and follow the gym’s rules. A common question people ask is whether it’s okay to wear just a sports bra. Let’s discuss the dress code at Planet Fitness and answer some questions about gym wear.

Understanding Planet Fitness Dress Code

Understanding Planet Fitness Dress Code

What is Planet Fitness’s Dress Code?

Planet Fitness wants everyone to feel welcome. They say their dress code is about keeping a “Judgment Free Zone.” They ask you not to wear clothes that might make others feel bad. Planet Fitness prefers gym-goers to wear shirts and pants that cover the stomach and chest.

Can You Wear Just a Bra?

No, Planet Fitness does not allow wearing just a sports bra. They ask you to wear a full shirt over your sports bra. This is to make sure everyone feels good in their gym space.

Why Does Planet Fitness Have This Rule?

Why Does Planet Fitness Have This Rule?

Keeping a Comfortable Environment

Planet Fitness has this rule to make sure everyone feels comfortable. Some people might feel shy or uncomfortable if others wear less clothing like just a bra. Planet Fitness thinks about everyone’s feelings.

Focus on General Fitness

Planet Fitness focuses on general fitness and not on bodybuilding. They want to make a place where everyone, no matter how fit they are, feels okay to work out. They think having more clothes on helps with this.

What Should You Wear Instead?

What Should You Wear Instead?

Recommended Tops

You should wear a shirt or tank top over your sports bra. Make sure it covers your stomach and chest. This is both respectful to others and follows the gym‘s rules.

Suitable Bottoms

Wear shorts, leggings, or sweatpants that are comfortable. Avoid wearing jeans or clothes with buttons that can hurt you or the equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Get Too Hot?

If you worry about getting too hot, choose breathable fabrics. Many sports clothes use special fabric that helps keep you cool even if they cover more skin.

Can I Wear Crop Tops?

Planet Fitness asks you not to wear crop tops. They want shirts that cover your stomach to keep the space comfortable for everyone.

What About Other Gyms?

Other gyms might have different rules. Some places are okay with sports bras without a shirt. It’s good to ask or look up the rules before you go.


At Planet Fitness, they ask you not to wear just a sports bra. They want everyone to wear shirts that cover the chest and stomach. This helps keep the gym a place where everyone can feel comfortable. Always pick clothes that you feel good in and that follow these simple rules.

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