How Much is Planet Fitness Just Gym?

When you think about joining a gym, the cost is often a big factor. Planet Fitness is known for its affordable memberships and friendly environment. This article explores the pricing of Planet Fitness Just Gym membership, addressing common questions like “Why did Planet Fitness boycott?” and “Is it hard to cancel Planet Fitness?” We’ll provide all the details you need to know about costs and other important factors.

Understanding Planet Fitness Just Gym Membership Costs

Planet Fitness offers a range of membership options to suit different needs and budgets. The “Just Gym” membership is the most basic and affordable option. This plan typically includes access to gym equipment and fitness classes at one location.

Understanding Planet Fitness Just Gym Membership Costs

Monthly Fees

The cost of a Just Gym membership varies by location but generally starts at around $10 per month. This fee allows you to use all the gym equipment but does not include access to other amenities like tanning beds and massage chairs.

Annual Fees

In addition to the monthly fee, Planet Fitness charges an annual fee to all members. This fee is usually around $39 and is billed once a year. This helps cover maintenance and upgrades to gym facilities.

Promotions and Discounts

Planet Fitness often offers special promotions, such as discounted enrollment fees or the first month free. These can make joining even more affordable, especially if you are trying out a gym for the first time.

Additional Costs to Consider

While the Just Gym membership is economical, there are some additional costs you might encounter:

Guest Passes

If you want to bring a friend or family member to the gym, you may need to purchase a guest pass. The cost of guest passes varies by location.


If you decide you want access to other amenities or multiple locations, you can upgrade your membership. This will increase your monthly fee.

Why Did Planet Fitness Boycott?

At times, companies face public scrutiny or calls for boycotts due to their policies or actions. Planet Fitness has had its share of controversy, typically related to their policies or membership terms, which might prompt questions about boycotts. However, specific details on boycotts are often based on individual incidents and the responses from the community.

Is It Hard to Cancel Planet Fitness?

Canceling a gym membership can sometimes be challenging. Planet Fitness requires members to cancel in person or by sending a letter to their home club. While this process is straightforward, it does require a bit of effort and planning to ensure you meet any timing requirements outlined in your membership agreement.

Is It Hard to Cancel Planet Fitness?

Tips for a Smooth Cancellation

To cancel your membership without hassle, make sure to:

  • Check your membership contract for specific cancellation terms.
  • Visit your home club and speak to a staff member about the best way to cancel.
  • Send a cancellation letter well in advance if you cannot visit in person.

Transitioning from Planet Fitness

If you decide to leave Planet Fitness, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Transitioning from Planet Fitness

Finding a New Gym

Look for a gym that fits your current fitness needs and budget. Consider factors like location, available equipment, classes, and overall atmosphere.

Transferring Membership

In some cases, you might be able to transfer your membership to another person. Check with your Planet Fitness location for their policy on membership transfers.


Planet Fitness offers a range of memberships, with the Just Gym option being the most basic and affordable. Understanding the costs and policies of your membership can help you make the best decision for your fitness journey. Whether you are joining for the first time or considering cancelling, being informed is key.

With easy-to-understand terms and a straightforward approach, managing your Planet Fitness membership can be simple and stress-free.

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