How to Check Negative Energy in Home With Lemon

Were you feeling a strange vibe in your home? Sometimes, spaces can accumulate negative energy. Negative attitudes can also harm your quality of life, aside from having negative effects on your mood and health. The good news is that you can check for and remove this energy simply and naturally. Using a lemon is a popular method. Many people believe in the power of lemons to detect and clear bad vibes. This article will guide you on how to check negative energy in your home with a lemon. We’ll also discuss how to keep lemon in water as per Vastu and other related tips for prosperity and positivity.

Understanding Negative Energy

A home filled with negative energy can lead to a heavy and unpleasant feeling. Arguments, stress, or even the house’s previous occupants can contribute to this problem. Over time, this energy can build up and affect everyone living there. Recognizing and clearing it is essential for maintaining a healthy, happy living environment.

Why Use Lemon?

Various cultures have used lemons for their cleansing properties throughout history, which is not only a kitchen staple. Lemons are believed to absorb negative energy. Their bright, fresh scent also uplifts the spirit.

How to Check for Negative Energy with Lemon

How to Check for Negative Energy with Lemon

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Choose a Fresh Lemon: Select a lemon with good taste and high ripeness. It should be free of spots and firm to the touch.
  2. Select a Clear Glass: Use a clean, clear glass. This ensures you can easily observe any changes in the lemon.
  3. Fill with Water: Fill the glass with clean water. Ensure the water covers most of the lemon.
  4. Place the Glass: Put the glass where you suspect negative energy. Common spots are living rooms, bedrooms, or near the entrance.
  5. Observe for 24 Hours: Leave the lemon undisturbed for a day. Check the lemon and water the next day.

What to Look For

  • Clear Water and Lemon: If the water and lemon remain clear, your home likely has positive energy.
  • Cloudy Water or Lemon Spots: If the water turns cloudy or the lemon develops spots, it may indicate negative energy.

Lemon in Water to Remove Negativity

After detecting negative energy, you can use lemons to cleanse your home. Here’s how:

  1. Prepare Multiple Lemons: Gather several fresh lemons.
  2. Place in Water: Fill a bowl or several glasses with water and place a lemon in each.
  3. Distribute Around Home: Place these bowls or glasses in different rooms, especially where negative energy is detected.
  4. Monitor and Replace: Check the lemons every few days. Replace them if they start to show spots or the water turns cloudy.

Lemon in Water to Remove Negativity

Lemons for Prosperity

Using lemons isn’t just about removing negativity. They are also believed to attract prosperity and good luck. Here’s what you can do with lemons to bring prosperity:

  1. To Harmonize the Environment: Vastu Shastra recommends incorporating lemon into the water.
  2. Vastu Recommends: Storing lemons in water in the northeast corner of your home, so place them there. This direction is considered auspicious.
  3. Refresh Regularly: Change the lemon and water every Saturday to maintain positive vibes.

How to Keep Lemon in Water as Per Vastu

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Clean the Space: Ensure the area where you’ll place the lemon is clean and clutter-free.
  2. To Easily Monitor: the lemon and water, use a clear bowl or glass.
  3. Fill with Water: Use fresh, clean water to fill the bowl or glass.
  4. Place the Lemon: Place the lemon gently in the water.
  5. Position Correctly: According to Vastu, the northeast corner is ideal. You can also place it in the living room or entrance.


  • Harmonizes Energy: Balances the energy flow in your home.
  • Encourages: Positivity and a harmonious atmosphere.
  • Increases Prosperity: Fosters financial and overall well-being.

How to Keep Lemon in Water as Per Vastu

Additional Tips for Using Lemons

Regular Cleaning

Keep your home clean and tidy. This helps in maintaining a positive atmosphere. Dust and dirt can contribute to negative energy build-up.

Use Essential Oils

Lemon essential oil can also be used. Pour a few drops into a diffuser. This spreads a fresh scent and promotes positivity.

Combine with Other Cleansing Methods

Use lemons alongside other methods like salt bowls or sage smudging. This enhances the overall effect.


Using a lemon to check and remove negative energy is simple and effective. It’s a natural method that many people swear by. Following Vastu’s tips for placing lemons in water can bring additional benefits of prosperity and positivity. Remember to keep the lemons fresh and monitor them regularly. By maintaining a clean and positive environment, you can ensure a harmonious and happy home.


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